Hanging rail inspection robot
Hanging rail inspection robot

Hanging rail inspection robot

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   Detailed product features:

   Perfect motion control system: including horizontal driving, lifting control, home position return, one-key return and driving in curves, etc.

   Safe operation supervision mechanism: the cross-border restriction of horizontal movement is realized through the high-precision photoelectric module, and the obstacle avoidance function in the process of horizontal and lifting movement is realized through 3 ultrasonic sensors.

   Rigorous task scheduling strategy: Due to the variety of supported inspection tasks and the random number of units for each task, it is necessary to create a logically very rigorous task scheduling strategy to manage these tasks, such as a queuing strategy for multiple tasks.

   A new task filling strategy after a task is artificially suspended, an orderly return strategy for the detection data of each detection unit, etc., to ensure the order and accuracy of task sending and result feedback.

   Accurate dial reading algorithm: The image recognition algorithm trained through deep learning is used to achieve accurate reading of various indicators including digital tubes, pointer watches, indicator lights, switches, etc., which is more common than traditional image recognition algorithms.

   For fatal flaws such as light and darkness and sensitivity to tilt, the image recognition algorithm of "Dragon Eye" is very robust, and there is no interference with these external conditions.

   Abundant environmental perception systems: including infrared temperature measurement, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, SF6&03 harmful gas detection, temperature and humidity detection, etc., not only that, depending on the modular design of the system, other detection modules can be easily expanded according to needs, such as partial discharge inspection> convenient

   Control client software: The Web control client is used to achieve a perfect cross-platform display. Through the control client software, not only can complete control of the inspection robot be achieved, but also a wealth of task mode selections and complete system logs can be provided.

   Support, making the deployment and use of the product very simple and convenient.


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